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Stay Safe while at Maple Ski Ridge

At Maple Ski Ridge, we consider safety to be our number one priority, closely followed by family fun. We ask that you help us maintain a safe, fun environment for all our guests by abiding by the following rules and guidelines. 

Safety begins before you leave home.
Choose the right clothing and gear for winter sports.

  1. Wear an appropriate winter coat and snow pants. 

  2. Dress in layers. Layers can be removed easily if too warm.

  3. Wear one pair of ski socks in your boots.
    (We highly recommend investing in a pair of ski socks. They make a huge difference in your comfort and keep your feet much warmer than regular socks. Do not layer two pairs of socks or wear thick bulky socks in your ski or snowboard boots as they are not designed to accommodate the extra thickness.)

  4. Do not tuck your pants or base-layers into your boots. 

  5. Wear proper winter gloves or mittens.
    Thin stretchy gloves are dangerous when riding the rope tow.


  1. Use ski/snowboard boots that fit properly.

  2. Make sure your bindings are set for your height, weight, ability and boot size.

  3. Only use equipment that is in good working order.

  4. Snowboarders need to wear their leash at all times. 

  5. We strongly recommend that all our guests wear a helmet. Helmets save lives. 


Know the CODE 

For more information on snowsports safety, please reference the Discover Snow website.

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