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Q.   Do you have snow tubing? 

A.   No, we no longer have snow tubing. 

Q.  What winter sports are available at Maple Ski Ridge?

A.   We are an excellent location for downhill skiing (alpine), snowboarding, cross-country skiing (nordic), snowshoeing, and alpine touring/skinning. Cross-country skiing (nordic), snowshoeing, and alpine touring/skinning are only allowed on Monday and Tuesday evenings during our Nordic Nights.

Q.   Are there season passes for Nordic Nights Skiing? 

A.   Yes! this year we are offering a Nordic Nights Skiing Season Pass! 

Q.    Do you have lessons for 3 year old children? 

A.    Our group lesson programs are designed for 4 year old children and up. Typically a 3 year old does not yet have the muscle development required to learn to how to ski or snowboard or the attention span needed to be in a group lesson. We will occasionally make an exception for a child who is almost 4 or turns 4 during the winter season. If your 3 year old really wants to learn to ski or snowboard, a private lesson is the best option! Our advise is to take the extra year to develop their love of playing in the snow and enjoying being outdoors during the winter! 

Q.   What size gear do you have? 

A.    We have a wide range of sizes for daily rentals, ranging from a toddler size 5 up through a men's size 16. Children must be 22 lbs or over for us to fit them for gear. For seasonal rentals, please call the rental shop  at 518-381-4700  to see if we have the size you are looking for.  


Q.    Do you have rentals for Nordic Nights?

A.   Our rental shop is not open for Nordic Nights. You will need to bring your own gear in order to access our terrain. Cross country skis, snowshoes, and backcountry skis/snowboards are all welcome during our Nordic Nights. 

Q.    Do I need to wear special clothing to ski or snowboard?

A.    Snowsports occur outdoors in the cold, on snow. It is recommended that you dress in layers following the list below to stay warm and dry while you are learning to ski or snowboard. We have some of the items you need for sale in our rental shop**.

Suggested clothing:

  • Synthetic or wool base-layers 

  • Warm mid-layer if needed (ie. fleece, sweater, sweatshirt, vest) 

  • Warm winter coat

  • Snow pants

  • Ski or snowboard socks** (It is worth the investment!!) 

  • Face covering like a balaclava or a neck warmer**

  • Waterproof gloves or mittens with grips* (stretchy knit gloves do not work)

  • Helmet** (Helmets save lives! We have helmets for rent daily or for sale)

  • Hat if you are not wearing a helmet

  • Goggles** are a bonus as they help keep your face warm and protect your eyes

Q.     Can I bring my dog?

A.   We have several dogs who make their home here at Maple Ski Ridge and spend a lot of time in the lodge and on the grounds. We prefer our guests to leave their dogs at own home so that our dogs can feel safe and comfortable in their home. If you must bring your dog, please keep them outside and on a leash. Service animals are of course welcome. 

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