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Season Passes

Maple Ski Ridge deeply values our season pass holders. Season pass holders are always guaranteed a ticket when we are open, and have priority access to the mountain.

Find which season pass best fits you and your family.


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Love Maple Ski Ridge but want to explore other mountains too? Get the best of both worlds and have a close to home local ski area AND the opportunity to wander and explore! Grab your season pass at Maple Ski Ridge and turn it into a travel pass and explore any of the 170+ independent, authentic Indy Resorts across the US, Canada, Europe and Japan with An Indy AddOn Pass.


Maple Season Passholders will save roughly 30% off the price of the Indy Pass. All of the Maple Ski Ridge Season Passes are unlimited (including staff, instructors and ski patrollers) and qualify for an Indy AddOn Pass upgrade. 

Important Additional Season Pass Information
  • Season Passes are valid for skiing and riding during all normal operating hours. 

  • Season Passes are non-transferable and there are no refunds. 

  • Additional Regular Season Passes purchased on the same transaction will receive a $15 discount.

  • Any Lost Season Passes will have a $10 replacement charge

  • If you forget your season pass, there is a $5 fee to get a day pass

  • Skiers and ski lift passengers are governed by the New York State Safety in Skiing Code Article 18. New York Requires you to seek out and read “Warning to Skiers” posted at ticket windows. The user of these IDs voluntarily assumes the risk of all snow sports. If you do not agree, do not participate in any snow sports at this area. If you have a season pass, you agree that all disputes and/or lawsuits arising from the use of the facilities at Maple Ski Ridge shall be litigated exclusively in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Schenectady, or in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York. 

  • All Maple Ski Ridge Season Pass ID’s are owned by Maple Ski Ridge. This ID is non-transferable and must be returned to Maple Ski Ridge when requested by management. 

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