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Lesson Ability Levels

What level is right for you?

Signing up for the right level ski lesson is critical for the success of any student. While we always spend time assessing our students to ensure they are at the right level, starting them off in the right place can make a huge difference in their success. Below we have provided you with some descriptions and videos of each level to help you make a more accurate decision regarding where to place you or your child in either Ski or Snowboard Lessons. 

Skier Levels 1-7

Level 1: 

  • Never-ever
    (No Prior skiing experience)

Level 2:

  • Can put on and take off their equipment and move around the flats (able to duck walk).

  • Comfortable gliding and stopping on the Bunny Hill (Half way up +).

  • Can sometimes make simple direction changes (step turns) when sliding.

  • Confidently able to ride the handle tow.

Level 3:

  • Comfortable gliding and making turns from top of the Bunny Hill.

  • Occasionally able to make parallel turns on bunny.

  • Comfortable with crossover.

Level 4:

  • Must be able to comfortably ski groomed blue squares.

  • Comfortably able to ride the chairlift.

  • Can confidently link wedge turns on all blue squares.

Level 5

  • Able to comfortably link mostly wedge christie turns of varying sizes, controlling their speed in most situations (Blue squares).

  • When faced with difficult terrain may revert back to wedge turns.

  • Able to use parallel turns on the flats.

Level 6

  • Comfortable ably to use mostly parallel turns on all blue squares confidently controlling their speed  and stopping without wedge.

  • Able to ski the chute but may resorts back to wedge christies.

  • Beginning to use poles.

Level 7

  • Comfortably and confidently able to ski all black diamonds with only parallel turns, using poles properly.

Snowboarder Levels 1-5

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