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Saturday, February 24th
Racing starts at 11:00 AM
Check-in is from 9:30-10:30 AM
$15 - Registration fee is due at check-in
$5 - Registration fee for Season Pass Holder

Snowbox Derby

Participant Rules:

- No more than 2 riders in a sled.
- Liability form required for each racer along with Derby pass to ride.
- You will compete at the level of the oldest rider in the Snowbox.
- Helmets are required for all riders. Helmets are available for rental on a first come-first serve basis from our rental shop for $10 each.
- Anyone visibly under the influence will not be allowed to compete.
- Contestants may not race wearing SKI boots.

Sled Rules:

- All sleds must be constructed from cardboard and duct tape.
- Themes are highly encouraged and sleds may be painted or adorned with decals and other paper products.
- No handheld poles or steering mechanisms allowed.
- Any race official who deems a box to be potentially unsafe or not constructed in accordance with the rules has the authority to disqualify the team and box in question.
- A box must pass inspection to be eligible for prizes.
- You will have a chance to fix any violations and be re-inspected.
- Designs must be family-friendly, no obscene writing, shapes or stickers allowed.
- Costumes and team spirit are encouraged and appreciated.

Race Rules:

- There are no practice runs.
- Each team is given two chances to race down the hill.
- The timer stops when all team members AND their sled cross the finish line.
- Un-sportsman-like conduct is grounds for disqualification.
- All teams are responsible for removing all parts of their box after racing.

Snowbox Derby

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