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Saturday, February 3rd
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Bring your crew and see how you stack up!

First Responder Ski  Race - CANCELLED

Will Try Again Next Year!!

Schedule of Events:

12 PM – 1 PM – Check-IN

1 PM – 2 PM – Suit up and get ready

2 PM - Fire Hose Race – 5 Team Members

A team must consist of five members skiing or riding down a race course while carrying a fire hose. Wearing turn-out gear or uniform is encouraged. At least three members must complete all gates and cross the finish line holding the hose to have your time qualify. Any racer who does not finish holding onto the hose will receive a five-second penalty for their team.
The event will consist of 2 runs. We will take the best time of the two runs.

3 PM - Tug of War – 8 Team Members

Teams made up of 8 people will assemble at the bottom of the hill with the rope. Each team will battle to pull their marker over the center line. The best of 3 challenges equals a won match. Winners of each match-up will then compete with each other for the title.

4 PM - Build a Fire - in the Snow! – 2 Team Members

Teams assembled at separate locations with supplies to build and light a fire. Teams will be given identical supplies: wood, kindling, newspaper, and a fire striker. No outside supplies may be used. The fire must be lit and stay lit for at least 2 mins. No flamethrowers allowed! The first team to get to the 2-minute mark wins.

5 PM – S’mores around the fire.

Supplies will be provided for all our contestants and their families.

To register:

First Responder Ski Race - CANCELLED

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