COVID-19 Information

Maple Ski Ridge plans to operate as close to normal as possible.  We will limit indoor access to food purchases and restroom visits.  Skiing and snowboarding is an outdoor, fresh air sport which allows for adequate social distancing, however we will be monitoring the number of guests at Maple Ski Ridge and be operating at 33% of our hourly uphill lift capacity.   All of our staff will be following CDC guidelines and NYS recommendations.  All policies are subject to change. 

Lodge/Indoor Space

We will be limiting the number of guests in all indoor spaces including the lodge and rental shop in order to allow for proper social distancing.  Face coverings must be worn at all times when indoors except when eating or drinking while seated at a table.  Seating will be arranged to allow for proper social distancing.  Be prepared to use your vehicle to get dressed and get your equipment on.  We ask our guests to keep all of their belongings in their vehicles including but not limited to boot bags, food and beverages.  Please limit your time in the lodge to 15 minutes or less.  Our indoor capacity is currently reduced by 50%.  


Face coverings must be worn when waiting in lift lines, when boarding, riding, and unloading the lift.  When waiting in lift lines, please keep 6 feet apart from other guests in front and behind you.  If you arrived together, you may ride together on the lift.  We will not require guests to ride up with other guests on the lifts. 


Seasonal rentals eliminate the use of shared equipment. We encourage guests to purchase Seasonal Ski or Snowboard Rentals so you only need to visit the rental shop once at the beginning of the season to pick up your equipment.  Seasonal rentals are yours to take home and use any day of the season.  By renting equipment for the season, you can skip the lines and paperwork of the rental shop by completing it only once.  

If you still wish to rent daily, we will continue to offer this service.  There will be a limited number of guests allowed in the rental shop at any given time.  This may cause the process to take longer than previous years, so please plan your time accordingly.  Face coverings must be worn when inside the rental shop at all times.  


Daily area use passes will be sold online this year!  Purchase your ticket ahead of time and simply come to the ticket window with your receipt and receive your pass.  This will save you time in line, make the process smoother and guarantee your pass for the day.  Please make sure you wear your mask when waiting in line.  

We will still offer daily area use passes for sale at the ticket window, however we strongly encourage guests to utilize the online sales system.  There will be a limited number of daily passes available each day that we are open.  We will collect the name and contact info for each guest in order to aid in contact tracing in the event it is needed.

Season Passes

Season passes will work a little differently this year.  When you purchase your season pass, you will still receive a season pass ID card, but this year there will be a barcode on it.  You will need to come to the ticket window to receive a day pass to access the lifts and facilities.  This barcode will be used to scan at the ticket window to speed up the check-in process.   As a season passholder, you will be given priority access to the mountain everyday of the season.  


All students in lessons will be required to wear face coverings at all times.  Staff will also be wearing face coverings at all times as well.  We will maintain social distancing as much as possible and will assist children when needed.  We will only be allowing one parent or guardian to accompany the child to drop off to their lesson.  Due to capacity limits, you will not be allowed to remain on snow without a valid daily use pass, season pass, lesson pass or parent pass.

This year, if you need to rent equipment for lessons, we will only offer packages with seasonal rentals.  Seasonal rentals must be picked up no later than 2 weeks after registering for lessons and must be taken home with you; they can not be left at Maple.  If you wish to get rentals but do not want seasonal rentals, you may rent equipment each day of the lesson, however there will be no discount on rentals and you must arrive early enough to have paperwork filled out each week and get fitted for equipment.