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If you are interested in working for Maple Ski Ridge, browse the available positions.  Please submit a completed application, resume and cover letter to 

We are looking forward to our upcoming winter season. If you are interested in working at Maple Ski Ridge, please browse the available positions below: 

Support Staff Positions

Food Service Staff

Our summer kitchen staff is responsible for preparing and serving all food at Camp Maple.  Duties will include food preparation, serving daily lunch for all campers, managing department inventory, and maintaining cleanliness of our kitchen. Applicant must have reliable transportation, be self motivated and work with little direction. Hours include Monday - Friday 10:30am-2:30pm daily.  Must be at least 18yrs old, food service experience preferred.   

Management Positions

Mountain Operations Assistant Manager

The Mountain Operations Assistant Manager is responsible for overseeing all lift operations and maintaining snow quality on the grounds. The Mountain Operations Assistant Manager must be willing to help establish emergency/safety plans, and training materials relating to mountain operations for all. 


Daily duties vary according to weather, circumstance and department needs.  This may include assisting in customer service, the rental shop and maintenance crew. This position requires good physical dexterity, keen hearing, and physical balance. Keen eyesight, physical stamina and the ability to lift a minimum of 50lb is necessary.        


The Mountain Operations Assistant Manager must assist all supervisors and their departments in maintaining the basic knowledge, inspections and necessary protocols as needed. This position requires that you maintain the highest levels of professionalism at all times with customers and staff.  Applicants must be able to attend weekly meetings with other departments, owners and coordinating staff.  A well maintained and organized work space is required.  Must be able to communicate both orally and written, as needed.  General computer knowledge and fluency in Google and/ Microsoft office would be optimal.  

Please apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to with the subject "Employment Opportunity"

Maintenance Department Positions

Janitorial Staff

Our janitorial staff is responsible for the cleanliness of our lodge. We are looking for a reliable individual and must be able to lift at least 50lbs and work during the evenings.  Hours include Monday - Friday 5-9pm daily.  Must be at least 18yrs old and willing to attend training.  


The groundskeeper is responsible for maintaining our property all year round. From June through August Camp Maple is open as a school-age day camp. We are open for skiing/snowboarding from December through March.  It is imperative that all grounds are well maintained for the safety and enjoyment of all.  This is a full time position, minimum age requirement is 18years old.  Experience preferred. 

On-Site Mechanic

On-Site Mechanic repairs and maintains all equipment, shop inventory and accurately provides maintenance records.  General maintenance and repairs vary seasonally and is necessary for equipment and facilities year-round.  It is the responsibility of the on-site mechanic to complete all routine repairs and preventative maintenance that does not require a specialized technician.  This may include (but is not limited to) all vehicles, equipment and various building systems. Applicant must be flexible and have the availability to be on-call for emergencies with a willingness to work fluctuating hours with the changing seasons. Must have 5 years previous work experience or 2 years past work experience with a degree.  Snowmaking and mountain grooming equipment knowledge preferred.

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