Please use the following information as a starting point for your wedding planning.  We look forward to working with you and making this a special day for you and your families.  


 Our lodge is seasonally decorated, with large windows viewing the scenic ridge, comfortably holding 150-200 guests. Our  picnic tables are a fixture in the lodge and are available for you. You have the option of providing table covers and  centerpieces for them or let their natural beauty shine through.

​    Pricing
     $2,200 for 12 Hour Rental - This includes time before your event to decorate, 6 hour party time and removal time of your                  decorations etc. The lodge fee is reduced when we cater your event. (Lodge space and immediate lawn areas only). 

     $3,200 for Weekend Rental- We know how stressful your wedding already is so why rush to set up and take down your event? With        the Weekend rental you get to come in from 6pm-8pm on Friday, 4 hours of set-up time on Saturday followed by 6 hours of party          time (With an ending time no later than 10pm) and then one hour on Sunday for any additional clean up.

     $1,800 for 12 Hour Sunday Wedding- While it may not be the most traditional, Sunday weddings are on the rise. This package gives      you time before your event to decorate, 6 hour party time and time after for the removal of your decorations etc. The lodge fee is        reduced when we cater your event (Lodge space and immediate lawn areas only). 


 This option is for those wanting an outdoor tent wedding or event; we provide the beautiful setting, the rental company  does the rest.  

​   Pricing
     $4,800 for 12 hour event, includes use of restrooms, electricity at tent site and time for the rental company to set up and take down      as needed. 

Our rental shop is available for your wedding party before your ceremony free of charge.  All personal items must be removed by start of dinner.

 Maple Ski Ridge would love to cater your event.  When we cater your event there is a reduced lodge rental fee.  Check  here for menu ideas.  


 Would you like to hold your ceremony at Maple Ski Ridge in addition to your reception? (pricing is in addition to Lodge  or tent rental)




         “Top of the Ridge Ceremony” - Enjoy the view from the top of the ridge overlooking the Capital District and onto             the Green Mountains.  Chair liftrides to the top with hay wagon rides down after the ceremony or just a ride to             the top.   We will accommodate special guest to and from the top of the hill.  Many guests enjoy the walk down              the hills after the ceremony - It’s also the perfect place for photos.


         “Chair Lift” - Starts at $2,500.00 - 70 minimum – 100 maximum guests. Add $10.00 per guest after 100. Allow extra          time for transporting guests to lift, lift ride and transportation or walk back to lodge.

         “Hay Wagon Ride” - Starts at $1,800.00 - 70 minimum – 100 maximum guests. Add $10.00 per guest after 100. Allow          extra time for transporting guests to top of the mountain and back to lodge.

​         “At The Base”  -  Hold your wedding ceremony at the base of the hill by the pines, up in the cove or by the                     fireplace in the lodge. Anywhere on the grounds surrounding the lodge: starting at $300
 No matter where your ceremony takes place we can transport you, your bridal party and family to all the best photo  locations via wagon. Only you and your photographer can decide what the best views are. Starting at $600

 One of the pleasures of celebrating at Maple Ski Ridge is the ability to personalize your event. Please keep decorations  as simple as possible - they are to be removed at the end of your day. Your florist, decorator or family may decorate  within your 12 hour rental time, or have us bring your vision to life.

 Free up your family, let us coordinate your day, from the DJ and the first dance to food display and service.  This is a  great option when you have an outside caterer. Pricing starts at $450 for the 6 hours of your wedding.

 Decorating items and ideas...

Shabby Chic Place settings  -  Includes our vintage mismatched Plates, Silverware and busing of tables - $17 pp
     Doorway Arch  -  Two vintage doors that are open and arched over for you and your guest to walk thru- $150
     Rustic Arch  -  Arch made from birch and local wood- decorate it to match your day. - $75
     Hay Bales  -  $6 per bale at one location

     Benches  -  Our earth tone benches seat 6-8 people $30 per bench at wedding site


 You may also supply the decorations and allow us to free up your day – In the weeks before your event you can tell us how you’re  decorating theme works then leave the rest to us, starting at $600. Take down service also available only $300

 Outside caterers
 Our kitchen is available for your caterer for staging and clean up purposes for a fee of $400, included within your 12 hour rental time.  Any additional time needed will be charged the hourly fee of $125 per hour. We require a copy of the contract you signed with them  and an insurance rider with Maple Ski Ridge Inc. listed as additional insured.  Additional fees required for full usage of kitchen.   We  ask that your caterer supply signage clearly stating who they are and their contact information for your guest’s to see.  We will work

 closely with them to ensure your event runs smoothly.

 Your Family Catering
 Let your creative juices flow and bring home made to your day. Your family will have access to our entire kitchen- ovens, refrigerators  and freezers to make a truly homespun day!  If you cater your own party, please make signs stating that this reception is catered by;  The ------- & --------- family.  Signage needs to place on the buffet tables. Time included within the 12 hour rental time $400